Chlorhexidine FDF Pharma

chlorhexidine FDF Pharma

MEDICHEM offers specific Chlorhexidine transparent aqueous and alcoholic solutions for the pharmaceutical market and will soon launch 2% alcoholic solutions, as well as colored versions of each solution. All these products are based on Chlorhexidine Digluconate as an active ingredient. Medichem’s expertise in the European registration process and cGMP-approved facilities, combined with approval for our first dossier in The Netherlands, enables us to offer our customers dossiers ready to license out.

Pharma Portfolio

Pharma portfolio
Coming Soon
solution & alcoholic
colored solution & alcoholic
Chlorhexidine Digluconate

Ready to License-out

eCTD Dossier
Approved in The Netherlands
cGMP approved facility
Expertise in European Registration Process

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For pharmaceutical grade, the following formats are available:


• 250 ml
• 100 ml
• 30 ml