Ethics & Compliance

Code of Conduct

Since our beginnings at Medichem, we have worked to guarantee the highest standards of quality, safety, operational excellence, and respect for the environment. We firmly believe that ethics and compliance are fundamental to the development of our business. That is why good practices will always define our corporate culture.

In line with this philosophy, at Medichem we have our Code of Conduct, that contains the general operating principles of the company, the corporate values, commitments, and ethical responsibilities that all employees of Medichem must take on and fulfill, as well as a commitment by the General Management with regard to compliance with ethical and regulatory standards. The Code of Conduct applies to all employees of the company in Spain and Malta. Among other commitments, the Code of Conduct establishes compliance with specific conduct aimed at avoiding practices of corruption and bribery, as well as the commercial relationships that must be based on the principles of transparency, loyalty, legality, and impartiality in the selection of suppliers. Medichem offers the Code of Conduct to all its employees, as well as new hires, ensuring it is correctly communicated, understood, and applied.

This document has recently been updated to incorporate our new corporate values as well as our commitment to respect and protect human rights.

Ethics Channel & Policies

Medichem has set up an Ethics Channel, pursuant to the provisions in Act 2 of 20 February 2023 on regulating the protection of persons who report regulatory infringements and preventing corruption.

This Ethics Channel allows Medichem to be informed of any possible infringements of the legislation in force, its internal regulations, contingencies that could pose a threat to its reputation or doubts or queries related to the application of its compliance system.

In any case, the content of the report must be related to conduct or acts committed by collaborators and third parties to whom Medichem is professionally related or linked, or doubts about the compliance system.

You can access Medichem’s Ethics Channel, as well as the Policy on the use of the Ethics Channel and other information of interest regarding your rights, obligations and guarantees, at the following links:

Code of Conduct for Third Parties

Embarking on the “Caring for the Future” journey, our sustainability commitment spans our entire business ecosystem. Recognizing the pivotal role of suppliers, we introduce the Code of Conduct for Third Parties a key element in ensuring a positive global impact. This code establishes ethical guidelines aligned with the project’s comprehensive ESG approach, emphasizing a balance between economic prosperity and environmental and social responsibility, including principles of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, ethical business practices, governance and compliance, and continuous improvement. It represents a shared commitment to a positive global impact, and your collaboration in embracing these ethical principles is essential as we collectively foster a sustainable culture, contributing to a thriving future.