Our Team


With more than forty years of experience, Medichem is one of the leading companies in the development and manufacturing of generics. This would not have been possible without the effort and enthusiasm of a great team of specialized professionals who are totally devoted to their work and to Medichem.

As our alliances with strategic partners grow and consolidate, our team’s hand has reached over 60 countries where the best service will be provided to your company. Medichem’s staff includes over 400 people carrying on with their work in Spain, Malta and China, with partners across the world.

Medichem’s team:

  • Average age: 39 years
  • University level education: 53%
  • 34% of Medichem’s team is devoted to R&D and Quality:
    • R&D: 20% of the team
    • Quality: 14% of the team

Team of Celrà and Sant Joan Despí

Team of Malta

Team of Nanjing Research Center

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