Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Medichem is committed to providing added value products while minimizing its environmental impact. In fact, we strive to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and have integrated two of them into our daily operations, namely “Responsible consumption and production“ and “Industry, innovation, and infrastructure“.

Relative Environmental
Behavior Indicator

From the beginning of a project, an environmental impact study is carried out on the product to manufacture throughout its entire life cycle in order to minimize its eco-impact. Furthermore, all manufacturing processes are subject to continuous evaluation.


In just 4 years, Medichem has reduced its relative Environmental Behavior indicator by 15% and has thus gradually and considerably reduced its impact on the environment

Relative EB* Indicator

Relative EB Indicator

Environmental Policies

Medichem has established and applies the following policies whenever it is technologically and economically feasible without compromising the quality of our products:

circular economy


Waste water is treated by a physico-chemical treatment before chemical oxidation with hydrogen peroxide. This is considered a Best Available Technology (BAT), in which Medichem has contributed to the development of the BREF for waste water treatment systems in the chemical sector.



Reduction of atmospheric emissions through monitoring devices and atmospheric pollutants treating equipment.



Application of the concept of Circular Economy in order to minimize the consumption of materials and the generation of waste being destined for disposal. Hence 24% of the waste is reused, 46% is recycled and only 30% of waste generated is disposed of or treated.

Should you need more information on our policies, please download the Medichem Policies

ISO Certification

ISO certification

Medichem plants are certified ISO 14001 since 2001 (Celrà, Spain) and 2009 (Hal Far, Malta)


Since then they have been subject to annual follow-up audits. Re-certification occurs every three years.

Environmental sustainability certification