Medichem in The Wall Street Journal


Drug shortages have become an increasingly urgent problem. Now, a new report in The Wall Street Journal suggests that rising energy costs could exacerbate these shortages and cause even greater disruption to the pharmaceutical supply chain.

The report notes that energy costs are a critical component of drug manufacturing. Pharmaceutical companies rely on energy-intensive processes to produce medicines, from manufacturing and packaging to transport and storage. As energy costs rise, these processes become more expensive, and companies may struggle to maintain their profit margins.

In this story, Elisabeth Stampa (Board Member in Medichem) explains a real-life situation.

At the same time, it is important to recognise that drug shortages are a complex and multi-faceted problem that requires a global response. In addition to addressing energy costs, we need to take a broader view of the pharmaceutical supply chain and identify opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce waste and increase resilience.