Medicines for Europe & EFCG – European Fine Chemicals Group press release


COVID crisis revealed the problems generated when Europe became too dependent on critical products manufactured overseas.

Since then, there has been a significant progress to enter into dialogue -although still far-. 

In Medichem, We have been for almost half a century at the forefront of innovation, developing value-added products as well as providing customers with a wide range of services, We consider we can contribute to make global manufacturing future-proof and more resilient and agile supply chains.

To have a competitive and strong active ingredients Industry which ensures accessibility and affordability of medicines for patients and attracts investment and talent, it is essential that Europe support the production of APIs and medicines putting in place immediate, robust and ambitious policies.

Medicines for Europe & EFCG – European Fine Chemicals Group press release: The EU must stop the offshoring of essential medicines manufacturing investments: ambitious, open and coherent policies must support competitive, robust and sustainable production of APIs and medicines