Research & Development



Innovation moves us

Medichem’s strategy and success are firmly based on our R&D division. Highly qualified personnel are prepared to engage in technically challenging projects, with the main objective of developing high quality drug products with added value. Medichem has extensive and proven know-how in solid and injectable dosage forms; moreover, we have HPAPI capabilities that enable us to develop breakthrough products.

From the very first step, every developing programme is designed to timely deliver APIs and FDFs meeting all regulatory requirements, under the highest standards of quality, with set goals and while monitoring achievements. At Medichem, clinical studies are carried out strictly under the most demanding quality requirements and aimed at delivering the best pharmaceutical products.

Medichem is also proud to be one of the first generic firms to incorporate flow chemistry in its manufacturing processes.

Customer oriented R&D

Our new developments are supported by full technical, regulatory and legal assistance, providing our customers all they need to have a prominent position in the market and to succeed in their new launches. All of this has allowed us to become one of the preferred sources for the main generic companies worldwide.


We have fourlaboratories fully equipped for API and FDF development:

  • API development: in our plant at the Celrà Industrial Estate, Girona, Spain.
  • FDF development: in our dedicated R&D center in Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona, Spain.
  • API development: in our plant at the Hal Far Industrial Estate, Malta.
  • API development: in our R&D center at the Nanjing Zijin Chemical Industry Park, Jiangsu, China.

These four laboratories, with a total surface of XXm2 and each one provided with its own analytical section for analytical method development, give us research capacity to cover our present R&D needs and are prepared for expansion to cope with the company’s future requirements.

Scientific Partners

We have established a number of successful collaborations with universities and public and private research centers for scientific consultancy and for producing reference standards.

We also work closely with some world-class companies offering highly specialized techniques. In these cases the development is carried out under the close supervision of our R&D Managers who are responsible for continuing the work in-house and for the supervision of the scale-up.

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