Why China



In 2012, Medichem decided to increase its R&D capacity in setting up an R&D center in Nanjing, PRC. The main focus of this R&D center is the development of generic APIs.

Medichem R&D center in China takes advantage of R&D quality which is steadily improving in China. China is the second biggest R&D spender in the world and has 3.8 million people dedicated to R&D. Since its inception, the center has worked over 20 projects and has become an integral part of the global organization.


Over the last few years, China has become a “key” country in the global API market. Hence, China’s API market is the 5th in the world in 2015 with a market size of $38 Billion. For this reason, Medichem has decided to venture into this market by establishing in 2012, a partnership with a Chinese manufacturing company which is currently supplying intermediates and APIs, and is located in Anhui province, PRC.

This partnership will allow Medichem to:

  • offer to its customers the manufacturing of intermediates and APIs in a low cost environment.
  • establish a vertical integration with a Chinese intermediates manufacturer in order to ensure the supply of raw materials of some critical APIs.

The Production Plant is fully equipped for the synthesis of intermediates and APIs and is currently composed of 56 reactors with an 80.5m3 total reaction capacity. The ongoing production plant expansion will achieve a capacity of 160 m3 which could be expanded to 240m3 in a future.


2012年, Medichem为拓展自身研发实力,在中国南京成立研发中心。该研发中心致力于 开发仿制药原料药。

目前中国研发总投入位居全球第二,有380万专业研发人员。Medichem中国研发中心正得 益于中国研发能力的稳定提高。研发中心自成立以来已先后开发二十多个项目,已成为 Medichem全球研发的重要组成部分。


在过去的几年里,中国已经成为全球原料药的关键市场。2015年中国原料药市场将以 380亿美元的规模位居全球第五。因此,Medichem在2012年进军中国市场,并与一家位于 中国安徽的工厂建立战略合作关系。该工厂主要致力于中间体和原料药的生产。


  • 向其客户提供低成本的中间体和原料药。
  • 为集团内部关键原料药提供中间体

该工厂装备齐全,拥有包括56个反应釜共达80.5立方米的生产原料药和中间体的生产能 力。目前工厂正在扩建,建成后生产能力将达到160立方米,并可以在将来进一步扩大至 240立方米。

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