Medichem commitment to the environmental sustainability has an outstanding presence in all our departments, from our production facilities and laboratories to our technical offices. Furthermore, all of them take care and protect both safety and health of our employees.


Environmental awareness has always been, and will continue to be, one of the most important features for Medichem. We maintain a close relationship with our environment carrying out our activities with the utmost respect, implementing BAT (Best Available Techniques) as well as applying continuous improvement through the ISO 14001, certified since 2001.

Our Environmental policy is included in our 3 main target policies: Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety.

Medichem follows the following waste management policies in order of priority:

  • Waste prevention: Minimizing the use of resources and reducing the quantities and/or hazardous characteristics of the waste generated.
  • Reduction, Reuse, Recovery/Recycling
  • Disposal: If there is no other appropriate solution, generated wastes are disposed of in authorized landfills or sent for incineration, in agreement with relevant regulations.

All manufacturing sites have been granted with its environmental license in accordance with the DIRECTIVE 2010/75/EU on industrial emissions (integrated pollution prevention and control). The certificate guarantees the adequacy of Medichem to the environmental regulations. It covers all possible emissions: air, water, soil and noise, which identifies Medichem as an “environment-friendly company”.


Health and Safety

We consider Occupational Health and Safety to be one of the most important pillars of our success. They are permanent and fundamental aspects in every one of our business activities.

For industrial processes and installations, HAZOP studies are carried out to detect and prevent possible safety risks. Also, periodic training and information on safety and health topics is mandatory for all employees.

Medichem has implemented the following practices to ensure the best health and safety conditions in the company:

  • Identification, evaluation and control of risks
  • Minimization of unsafe conditions and handling
  • Maintenance and improvement of the employees’ health and safety
  • Training and information in health and safety topics
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